Pinched Poster


There's nothing worse than staring at a blank wall. Trust me, I'm doing it right now. You stare long enough at that strange shade of off-white and I swear it starts to stare back at you. Stare longer and it becomes a mirror for the darkness of your soul. Stare even longer and I hear it somehow switches places with you and then you're the one stuck behind the eggshell-colored prison, forced to watch your body paraded in front of you, the wall-person becoming more popular and well-liked than you ever were. Don't get stuck in a beige prison where your sanity will quickly shrivel away, leaving you as a sad, dry husk of a person. Get this poster so you can stare at cool drawings Dave Vandervoort did! Bonus feature, it also covers up any holes you may have drunkenly punched in said wall!  Also, maybe I need therapy.

Size: 11x 17

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