About Titmouse

Titmouse is the name of a small Northeastern bird. Not unlike this bird, we started as a small Northeastern company. But not the way you might think…by the the year 2000, Chris P had worked in animation as a director and show creator for 6 years or so. He was just about to move out to LA with his chick, Shannon, when he had the idea of starting up an online t-shirt company. And that’s exactly what he did. Titmouse, Inc. was formed to sell the kind of bad ass t-shirts Chris P had been designing on the side for years. It started out great! The designs were great. The t-shirts were great. The vibe was great – but one thing kept happening…clients wouldn’t stop hiring Chris P to do animation. The freelance animation gigs kept getting bigger. Shannon quit her job to run the business. The networks and studios wanted to hire a company to do these projects, not just a dude freelancing. So Titmouse, Inc starting doing less clothing and more cartoons. We hired more and more employees, expanded into more and more offices in our West Hollywood location and eventually bought our own building in Hollywood to house the ever growing crew. We’re now over 200 people strong and rock multiple television series, movies, titles, shorts and commercials – all in-house. We still even make an occasional t-shirt.