The Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl Poster


Here we are in the sweltering desert, where we have set up our cameras on the hot asphalt (GREAT DECISION, PETER!), hoping to catch a glimpse of the indigenous wildlife. Because if we don't, I'm going home, I quit this show, and I'm going back to law school like my mother wanted. Ah, what luck! Here we have a very special and rare creature, a poster of The Burrowing Owl! See how its adorable little eyes are? It almost looks animated doesn't it? You know, animator Mike Roush once told me that birds only have one hole, called a cloaca, where they pee, poop, lay eggs, and do the freak nasty. Sounds pretty disgusting if you ask me. Very unsanitary. Well the hot asphalt is eating through my shoes and I don't get paid enough for this, so…I'm going home. Enjoy the poster everyone!

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