SOLD OUT! Shirt Collective WEEK 1: Second Contact Tee

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Welcome to Starfleet, ensign! Bravery! Leadership! Ambition! These are all concepts that you can forget about when you're relegated to the lower decks of the U.S.S. Cerritos. Don't complain, someone's gotta do the grunt work around here. Here's your standard-issue general purpose garment in glorious HEATHERED GRAY and mysterious FAIRLY DARK BLUE! Featuring the exterior top view of the ship that you're inside the bottom of!


A Galactic* Tee Shirt Initiative!
(*By “galactic” we mean the US and Canada only)

ENSIGNS! Do you like space? Do you also like cotton? How about short sleeves? Great! Listen up!

Starting Thursday, August 6, STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS premieres on CBS All Access! With each new episode, we'll feature a correlating t-shirt design! That tee will be on sale for ONE WEEK ONLY before that style is vaulted forever! When the next episode airs, (captain's) log in here and see the NEW tee of the week. 10 episodes, 10 different tees! Yes, the math checks out.

Now, to keep from weighing down the U.S.S. Cerritos, we print ONLY as many shirts of each design as we receive orders for. When the new episode airs, the previous week's shirt style is GONE. No more. Nuh uh. Byeee. Don't look back. The only way to go now is forward.

Sound good so far? We offer you 2 WAYS to get in on this exclusive deal: 

Are you the boldly-going type? Too busy and successful to check your computer on a regular basis? Take all the stress out of your tee-ordering life! Think you can't get a great deal in this day and age? Well, yes you KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

For only $180 you get ALL 10 tees, week by week. That saves you some serious Latinum versus ordering all 10 shirts individually! Need more incentive? You drive a hard bargain. Are you part Ferengi? Geez. How about...

ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! Available ONLY to full subscribers, making them as precious as dilithium crystals!

That's right! It's not rocket science! For choosing the full subscription option, you get 11 shirts, including the exclusive bonus tee, at the discounted price of $180, and, if you're in the US, you'll get FREE shipping for all shirts (Sorry, Canada! Appropriate S&H will apply at checkout). 

Unable to handle commitment? We get it. Each week, a new shirt will be offered for $20 plus S&H. Simply check this page every week as the new episode airs, and order by 11:59pm PT the following Wednesday night.

Hurry! Subscriptions to Lower Deckers Shirt Collective will ONLY BE AVAILABLE FROM NOW UNTIL WEDNESDAY AUGUST 12 AT 11:59pm PT. That's when the first week's tees AND your chance to subscribe to the full season of Lower Deckers Shirt Collective ends.





All shirts will be shipped via First Class U.S. Mail. Note: S+H is free for US-based Lower Deckers Shirt Collective subscribers only! For individual week-by-week orders, appropriate S+H will apply. Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping per order.

Canada! O Canada:

If you're a Lower Deckers Shirt Collective subscriber, orders will ship in batches of several tees at once to save on S&H costs, and may take slightly longer.

These shirts are printed on stylishly fitted, Bella+Canvas® brand UNISEX t-shirts, made in the USA (the Earth one). Please refer to this handy-dandy Bella+Canvas® size chart so you can order with confidence!

Nope. Non-refundable, exchanges are not accepted. We print ONLY as many shirts of each design as we receive orders for. Please refer to the size chart. Order wisely!


Problems? Questions? Fatal errors? Existential quandaries? Yes, yes, we know – space IS big, and it DOES make you feel insignificant, but let's keep it pertinent. If there's an order error, email and a crew member will be happy/obliged/conscripted to help.

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