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SOLD OUT! Venture Bros Shirt Club No. 4 "Destiny"

Sold out.


Embrace your Destiny! Or at least embrace Hank's cross-dressing version of Destiny. It worked for Bowie! Now you can celebrate Hank's accidental life choice with this fine garment. Tell your friends it's a sexy woman. Tell them it's a young man proudly ignoring gender roles and kicking ass. Tell them it's Hank F@¢#ING Venture. Or just tell them to stop being so interested in your awesome brown shirt made from 100% cotton plant! Time to be extra interesting, my friends. Destiny awaits!

This shirt is included with a Venture Bros Shirt Club subscription.


> The Fine Print
All Venture Bros. Shirt Club shirts will be shipped via First Class U.S. Mail.  Domestic shipping is included in the price of every shirt.  For international orders, a $9.00 (USD) surcharge will be added to the price. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. 
All Venture Bros. Shirt Club shirts are printed on stylishly fitted, American Apparel brand t-shirts, which are made right here in the US of A. American Apparel shirts are sized very accurately for a "fitted look," so we've included the American Apparel size charts so you can order with confidence. Because…
Shirt Club shirts are non-refundable and we do not accept exchanges (we're seriously too busy making a TV show to deal with all that paperwork). 
In the unlikely event of a screw-up on our end, however--say, we send you the wrong size or something--we will of course exchange the offending item for the proper one, at our expense. Please contact us at titmouse.stuff@titmouse.net to alert us to the problem, and someone will get back to you a.s.a.p. This email address is only for Shirt Club members and staff to conduct official Shirt Club business, however. Please do not send fan mail, hate mail, questions about Dean's hair, Hatred's tits, or requests to "bring back Triana's hot friend" to this address.
The Venture Bros. Shirt (of the week) Club doesn't want you if you don't want us. So if you unwisely choose to opt out of your subscription, we will grudgingly refund your money minus the FULL REGULAR PRICE ($20/$22 for 2XL/3XL) of any shirts that have been produced up to that point--and you will NOT receive your super-limited edition subscribers' exclusive "Glorious Extra Color" t-shirt. Because the bonus shirts are shipping last this season. Because bonus shirts are for closers. The loyal, the hearty, the "in-it-for-the-long-haul" super-fans. When you wear one, this is how people will see you.
> Men's Size Chart
> Women's Size Chart

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